Eli wastes no time in deciding where his next payday is coming from and breaks into the B & B – not knowing that Pollard is upstairs drowning his sorrows. Making as much noise as an elephant dressed as a Morris dancer, Eli struggles with the cash box and Pollard hears him. Tipsy and half asleep, Pollard goes to investigate and falls down the stairs, splitting his head open and knocking himself out. Eli is horrified. Now what does he do: take the money and run or stay and save Pollard’s life?

If looks could kill then Chas would definitely be a goner… Aaron does not have on his happy face when Chas moves back into Smithy but does she take the hint? No. She persists in trying to bond with her son but, instead, causes him to erupt. Aaron’s emotional outburst leads him to hyperventilate and it takes Paddy to calm him down. Will Chas now leave Aaron alone? No chance…

Edna is on Eve’s back, too, determined that she finds a job. Well… Eli has left the factory, the B&B needs a cleaner and no one’s replaced Holly at Home Farm. Eve could do any of those but Edna has heard that Farmer John needs help…

*Second episode, 8pm*

If you bet on Eli leaving the injured Pollard and doing a runner with the B & B’s money then you’ve won. But it’s not Eli that villagers point the finger at… Sam finds Pollard unconscious and runs for help. But at the hospital Brenda tells Terry and Val that Sam paid 200 quid into Olena’s bank account. That makes him guilty in their eyes and they’re going to make him pay…

At Home Farm, Declan is making his presence felt – and Natasha isn’t too comfortable with it. Declan’s told Farmer John that Butler’s isn’t up for sale any more – and he didn’t tell Natasha first. He likes to live dangerously! Natasha tells him that from now on she’ll be the first to hear about his business plans. Then Declan asks Maisie out to dinner… Hmmm, has he done that to wind up Natasha, or has he got another motive?

Talking of wind-ups, Viv is flapping her gums about Aaron, saying that his attempted suicide was just an attention-seeking gesture – and this from a woman who wears skirts no bigger than a cummerbund. Pot-kettle-black, Viv. And Aaron is a young man with a tortured soul. She’s an old gossip who tortures souls.

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