He’s no Don Juan but this week shy doctor Ethan decides it’s time to man up and make his move on Honey. Determined to tell the sweet tea lady how he feels, Ethan writes Honey a meaningful Valentine’s card, but struggles to screw up the courage and actually give it to her!

Not only does Ethan bottle it when it comes to giving Honey her card, in his nervous state he even tells her he thinks Valentine’s is commercial nonsense!

Confused by Ethan’s mixed messages disappointed Honey (Waterloo Road’s Chelsee Healey) believes he doesn’t care for her. So, when she gets a phone call saying her gran’s fallen and broken her hip, Honey decides to drop everything and go to Manchester to help out.

Before Honey leave, Cupid manages to hit his mark, and Ethan and Honey snog, before she leaves Holby.

Elsewhere, Connie suggests Cal finds another job – or else she’ll fire him! The clinical lead relents, however, when Charlie fights Cal’s corner and reminds her, in no uncertain terms, she’s supposed to be saving jobs, not axing them!

Zoe and Max’s romance is ticking along nicely. But Zoe still wants it to remain a secret from their friends and colleagues.

And Lofty remains in the dark that Robyn fancies the pants off him!

Sworn enemies Connie and Rita band together to help a grieving mother, but it’s only a temporary ceasefire…