Has Eva rumbled Karl and Sunita? (VIDEO)

Eva’s becoming increasingly annoyed by Sunita staying at the Rovers. Karl, who also doesn’t want Sunita around, sees an opportunity, saying that Sunita’s a freeloader preying on Stella’s good nature. Amid Eva’s sniping, Sunita sees a new closeness between Karl and Stella. Hurt by Karl’s treatment of her Sunita decides to go back to Dev.

Meanwhile, Eva overhears Sunita telling Karl she’s not going to keep his secrets any more. Entering the back room she finds Karl and Sunita flustered, and spots some bank notes in Karl’s pocket. Puzzled by what she’s just witnessed, Eva suddenly realises the truth about Karl and Sunita.

As Peter and Leanne discuss some ground rules regarding Simon and his decision to stay with Leanne, they realise it’s not going to be easy. As Leanne snipes that he must really love Carla to sacrifice his own son for her, Peter resolves not to have any regrets.

Still in love with Nick, Eva’s determined to use her date with Jason to make Nick jealous and show him what he’s missing. But Jason’s getting his hopes up on the date and Nick has got eyes for someone else,

Also, Tracy and Beth are horrified to see a For Sale sign outside No 13. But Steve’s adamant – it’s his house and he’s selling.