Has Faye forced Owen and Anna apart?

After a triumphant performance, Anna tackles Faye over her lies about the tickets. As it becomes clear that Faye hoped Tim and Anna would become a couple, Owen and Anna’s relationship reaches breaking point.

Jason’s fuming as the police question him, claiming to have received a tip-off that someone matching his description was seen fleeing from a burning van. Realising he’s been set up Jason tells the police to talk to Karl, but Stella thinks Jason’s being ridiculous. As the couple row, Karl’s plan to get back in Stella’s good books could be working.

Eileen confronts Paul about the time he’s spent with Toni and for lying about his whereabouts. But when he angrily reveals that he went with Toni so that she could help him to choose Eileen an engagement ring, she’s gutted to realise she’s blown her romantic proposal!
Also, Sunita invites Dev to stay for tea as they bask in their shared pride after the twins’ play; Fiz tells Tina that Tyrone’s solicitor reckons that by approaching Alison, they could be accused of intimidating a witness; Katy’s jealous as Steph and Ryan go on their date.