Faye Byrne is back on the ward, having been cleared of the murder of her son, Archie. Now that Archie’s death has been discovered to be the consequence of a mistake made by ITU nurse Lauren, Faye’s return to work finds her preoccupied with thoughts of her dead son.

Needing answers from Lauren, Faye tracks the emotionally unstable Lauren down and has a face-to-face showdown with her by a deserted lake. When Lauren recalls that Faye had suggested Archie was suffering too much when he was alive, Faye’s anger boils over and she strikes Lauren to the ground. Later, back on the ward, Joseph is suspicious as to Faye’s disappearance over her lunch hour and even more confused when he notices a blood stain on her coat. His worst fears look to be confirmed when the pair are called to deal with an urgent incoming patient and it turns out to be a soaking wet Lauren, fighting for her life. Has Faye taken the ultimate revenge on Lauren?

Also back on the wards is Ric Griffin, who is smarting to discover that his nemesis Jac Nailer has been promoted in his absence. Ric offers Vanessa an ultimatum – either Jac is demoted or he resigns, and she has no option but to give in to his demands.

Elsewhere, Connie accepts a job at a rival hospital and the father of Chrissie’s baby is revealed to be an unlikely locum nurse with a hairy back!