Fiz is stunned when Audrey tells her that according to Maria she and Tyrone have fallen in love again and they’re spending the afternoon together in the park. Maria tells Tyrone that she’s fallen for him, but realising he’s horrified by her words she pretends she’s only teasing him. But as Maria spots Fiz approaching she purposefully hugs Tyrone, leaving Fiz to assume she has lost the love of her life to his ex.

Carla’s shocked when a desperate Peter angrily shouts at her to get out of her way, but when she refuses to move he smashes a vase and breaks down in tears. When Tina later calls round, she is shocked to see the broken man Peter has become and she and Carla bond over his plight.

When a determined Todd announces to Eileen that Marcus is moving in, Eileen throws everyone out, saying she’s fed up with being taken for granted.

Also, Tony calls at No 11 and announces that he’s buying the builder’s yard and flat for Jason as a jealous Todd watches on; and Owen tells Anna that they may be forced to sell the house.