Has Freya learned her lesson?

Freya is furious that Lynette has dropped the charges and uses her blog to share Lynette’s story with the world. Daniel is shocked by it and shows a bemused Kevin and then Elaine. Zara is horrified at the lack of confidentiality and impartiality. Although Freya defends herself citing the false name used, Zara demands she take it down.

When Lynette turns up at the surgery, Freya wants to know why she dropped the charges and eventually Lynette cockily announces that Jason didn’t rape her – she made it up! It was Freya who gave her the idea; he’d slept with her best mate and she was mad at him; the bruises were from a drunken fall.

Freya is stunned and an angry Zara asks Lynette if she has any idea of the damage that crying rape does to genuine victims? Ashamed, Lynette leaves. Zara lets Freya off the hook, as long as she has learned from the experience…

Meanwhile, Mrs Tembe puts out her recycling and notices the mess outside Trevor’s house. When she informs Trevor that the council should have provided him with all of the necessary boxes, Trevor sarcastically thanks her.

Mrs Tembe rings the council to order the boxes for Trevor, but when she calls to inform him of her good deed, he’s annoyed by her interference and hangs up. When she returns home to find her recycling littered across her garden, she sets to work clearing it up, muttering to herself about pesky foxes…

Also, Rob struggles to maintain a sense of humour when a man calling himself ‘Rob Hollins’ goes on a mini crime spree.

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