Ever since Kylie and Nick’s Christmas Day tryst, the pair have been carrying the sordid secret that Kylie’s baby may not be husband David’s, but in fact his brother Nick’s. David heads off to London for a course leaving Kylie at home. Meanwhile, when Gail finds a piece of paper with her bank details on, in the pocket of Lewis’s blazer, she realises it isn’t in Lewis’s handwriting and quickly discovers who the writing belongs to – Kylie!

Gloria returns from the Algarve unannounced but she’s not alone, as she walks in with Eric, her new fiancé, in tow.

Faye’s pursuit of a relationship with dad Tim has driven a wedge through Anna and Owen’s relationship, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by Faye. But when Tim tells Faye he’s been laid off at work and will have to take a job in Kent she’s gutted. Determined to keep her dad nearby, Faye soon comes up with a plan.

Also, Mandy moves the rest of her stuff into Lloyd’s flat including Flash, her tortoise; Katy’s friends swoon over Ryan.