Gary and Owen arrive at the hospital, and the doctor assures them that Jake has a virus, not meningitis. Owen and Gary nervously try to phone Phelan but there’s no reply and as they pull up at Phelan’s house it’s in darkness. They ring the bell but no one answers, leaving them to wonder whether Gary really has killed Phelan.

Maureen reports the attempted mugging to the police and sings Beth’s praises, explaining how she wrestled the bag off the thief. Beth regales Chesney and Kirk with the tale of how she fought off Maureen’s mugger single-handed.

Eileen’s put out to find Liz and Tony enjoying a drink together. Liz feels guilty, wondering if Eileen still carries a torch for him.

Also, Andrea’s impressed when Kal tells Steve and Lloyd he used to buy his wife a present every week.