Zak and Elliot await contact from Ged when Kris returns from his trip. He brings in a carrier bag that’s been left outside containing Archie’s bloodstained T-shirt and an address to deliver the money. Zak enters the building, where he sees Archie tied up. Zak must surrender the money, but he hesitates and Kris rushes forward from outside and grabs the bag. Elliot goes into hiding, whilst Ged knocks into Zak, badly injuring his head.

Neville plans to give Josh’s car away as a prize, the winner will be the person that maintains contact with the car the longest. Hayley is convinced that India’s stealing her food and contaminates a pizza with laxatives. Dave suggests that India might as well steal something as she’s being blamed anyway and she gobbles down the pizza.

Josh is determined that one of the group must win the car and they all find themselves bonding during the competition. Soon enough India loses the battle with her bowels and, having repelled everyone else, she finds herself as the not so glorious victor.

Also; Lydia complains about Charlotte and feeling sorry for her, Sarah apologises and they kiss. Nancy shows up and sees them, although Sarah doesn’t look completely convinced.