Has Gem killed Georgia?

Matt delivers the news that the police IT department has confirmed that Kate’s email account was hacked from Gem’s laptop. Meanwhile, Georgia and Gem have set up in a secluded cottage. Georgia, however, is keen to get home but the car won’t start, leaving them stuck in the middle of nowhere. When Georgia says she’s leaving to find help, Gem pushes Georgia into the stove knocking her unconscious as gas begins to seep out. A panicked Gem takes off leaving Georgia for dead.

After Lucy told Paul to rip up Terese’s contract or leave the Lassiters chain, Paul chooses the latter and Terese is distressed. Lucy is sure that Paul is bluffing, there’s no way that Paul will leave the Lassiters chain; Lucy won’t allow it.

Later, Lucy notices Lauren’s uneasy talking about her relationship with Brad and Brad explains it’s because of Matt, and the fact that Lauren didn’t tell him about her relationship with Brad when they were younger. That night, Lauren tells Lucy that when she left Erinsborough to move to Queensland, she was already pregnant – with Brad’s baby.

Jacob tells Sonya that he’s a bad dad and leaves her with baby Elliott. Sheila comes over to help with the two babies and Sonya tells her she’s worried that Jacob will not return.