Has Gennie found a new man?

Oooooh! Can Gennie resist Nikhil in his figure-hugging running gear? It looks like she can when the bloke standing next to him is dishy Nicky, the vet with a lot of animal magnetism. Nicky’s told Nikhil he thinks Gennie’s cute and she clearly thinks Nicky’s a bit of all right. Where does that leave Nikhil? Well, Gennie all but offered herself to him on a plate and he pushed her away as if she were a dog’s dinner so now he may be forced to watch as another bloke enjoys her company.

Nicola has decided she will not watch as Jimmy chases after Elliot. Yes, the little boy is his son, but he comes with Kelly and she’s the woman Nicola hates with a passion. Well, you can see why; she basically wrecked the happy family life Nicola was enjoying with Jimmy. So, when Jimmy tells her he’s found his son and will be paying Kelly for his upkeep Nicola is not happy. In fact, she’s so unhappy she tells him the divorce is back on!

Alicia’s unhappy with her own behaviour and tries to apologise to Andy for flirting openly with Carl. But Andy makes it clear he and Alicia are finished and she can do what she likes…