Inspector Gina Gold decides to toughen up on youth crime and orders a police presence at a shopping centre. Suspected shoplifters, Charlie Nelson and Jenny Frake, are brought to Sun Hill but when Charlie is checked into custody, with a bundle of forged cash, Gina is alarmed to see his body badly bruised.

Charlie’s concerned aunt, Elaine Marshall, claims that Charlie’s father, Tom, doesn’t like her visiting – but Tom says that Charlie hasn’t lived with him for years. Charlie admits to Pc Leon Taylor that he took the forged notes from his violent aunt, who he’s been staying with since his mother was jailed.

Gina learns that Charlie plans to meet violent forger, Mike Reavie, to obtain enough counterfeit money to disappear. Determined to foil the scam and arrest Elaine, Gina waits outside her house and lies to Sergeant Smith that Elaine has a gun. When CO19 burst in, Elaine tells Gina where she can find Mike.

Later in the cells, Gina delights in telling Elaine how happy she’ll be to see her locked up for a long time. But has Gina taken things too far?