Has Hannah lost Chris?

Chris is sick of hiding his relationship with Hannah and tells her it’s over. Later, Marilyn drags an unsuspecting Chris to the beach where Hannah publicly tells Summer Bay that she and Chris are together and the pair share a passionate kiss.

Phoebe decides it’s time that she, Ash and Kyle make decisions as adults – but Ash and Kyle quickly end up rowing. Phoebe tries to break up the argument, but suddenly grabs her stomach in pain. At the hospital, the doctor explains that Phoebe’s pains were due to the high levels of stress, leaving Kyle and Ash feeling very guilty.

Charlotte tracks down Andy and tries to plead her case, but Andy isn’t interested. Andy visits Ash and they discuss Billie, but his questioning leaves Ash suspicious. Andy has a chat with Hunter and tells him all the aggression and anger he has towards Zac and Leah has to stop. Later, Andy calls Charlotte and tells her that Hunter’s secret is safe with him.