Heath and Bianca bring Harley back to Summer Bay but Bianca is struggling with the memory of Heath’s betrayal and Rocco’s tragic death. She can’t be left with the baby alone – it’s just too hard. However, Irene assures Bianca that she’ll be a fantastic mum to Harley. Bianca is honest with Heath about how she feels but promises to keep trying. But when Harley won’t stop crying, and Heath gives him Rocco’s old teddy bear, she storms out of the house.

Hannah struggles to understand why Andy would decide the best course of action was to steal the baby photo from Brax’s wallet. Andy attempts to apologise but she decides their differences are too pronounced for them to be together.

Spencer is still acting awkwardly around Sasha and opens up to Alf. He thinks Sasha should have been upfront with him about her feelings for Matt and confesses that it’s difficult for him that Sasha and Chris live together. Spencer goes to see Chris and the brothers finally sit down and talk. Spencer then surprises Sasha, asking if they can try and be friends, and whether he can move back in with her and Chris.

Later, when Sasha is closing up The Diner, Matt arrives in a desperate state begging for help…