Has Harry’s policy helped or hurt a rape victim?

Harry introduces a ‘no inappropriate attenders’ policy: a refusal to treat patients who could quite easily be seen by their GPs. Tess and Abs are against the move but Harry insists it will give them more time to deal with emergencies.

One such emergency isn’t far away when partygoer Diane (guest star Gaynor Faye) is raped by mini-cab driver Perry. Diane attacks Perry, who loses control of the car and collides with a lorry. As Diane and Perry lay trapped, the lorry driver discards a bottle of vodka.

At the hospital, Ruth deals with the drunk lorry driver – it’s her estranged father! When Ruth tells Nadia her mother died because of his abuse, Nadia realises they have something in common. Later, Tess convinces Diane to report the rape, and tells Harry that his new policy gave her time to get through to Diane.

Also, Josh bonds with Sajani when she comes in for the facial operation to reduce her scar, and Alice’s newfound assertiveness gives her the confidence to stand up to Kelsey.