Charlie has had her life turned upside down since the court case. Now, the media have got hold of the story that she and Brax were in a relationship and everyone wants to speak to her. The whole town knows and Charlie has to cope with the fallout. It could be very damaging to her career.

Charlie wonders if it’s worth staying away from Brax for now. They meet up and she gets into his car. Just as they’re about to reunite, Charlie discovers Hayley’s earring on the seat, left behind after her romp with Brax the night before! It shatters any hope of a reconciliation between the pair.

Miles convinces Leah to join him on a beach picnic to take her mind off things, but once the meal is underway, it’s clear Leah isn’t having a good time. Later, when she’s confronted, Leah eventually reveals she blames Miles for forcing her to go ahead with the pregnancy.

Gypsy plans on patching things up with Mark with a fancy home-cooked dinner. But her romantic evening goes horribly awry when Lily blurts out that Gypsy had a one night stand with Liam!