Has Heather lost Minty for good?

Hazel tells a stunned Minty that she wants him back and she proposes. Meanwhile, Heather is determined to tell Minty her feelings before the wedding and is devastated when she discovers him with Hazel. Dot urges Heather to fight for her man but Heather thinks it’s no use. Dot tells Minty that Heather is in love with him and about to leave Walford and Minty finds Heather at the bus stop and gets down on one knee!

Ronnie feels sidelined when she discovers that Jack is taking Tanya to the wedding and she confronts him. Jack tells Ronnie that he’s had enough of struggling to earn her trust. Jack lets slip to Ronnie that Roxy and Sean are an item and Ronnie is furious.

Peggy knows about Shirley’s cancer scare and she calls her a coward for not collecting her biopsy results to rile her into collecting them. Vinnie asks Peggy what’s up with Shirley but Peggy tells him he needs to hear it from her. Phil drops Shirley off at the hospital and forces her to confront her fears.

Also, Steven feels insecure with Stacey; Sean threatens Gus.

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