Has Heston found a new hobby?

Heston is stealing a private moment with his new Echocardiogram machine when he’s interrupted by Emma who asks him if he’s free for dinner that evening – Il Cielo Della Notte is having its grand opening and she’s keen to try it. Over dinner, Emma asks about the Echo machine and Heston admits his Physician had recently lectured him about taking better care of his heart. He has also realised he needs an adventure!

Emma and Heston’s meal is a disaster: the starters are disappointing, the main courses look even worse, and when their waiter Bradley manhandles the dessert, an argument ensues resulting in Bradley storming off, before he collapses – he’s diabetic. At that moment, another diner, Brian Snellen, introduces himself as the Editor of the Letherbridge Gazette – he’s had an enjoyable evening listening to their restaurant critique and he’d like to hire them. Emma accepts and takes his card – Heston wanted an adventure and now he’s got one!

Meanwhile, Jas tries to find out from Kevin if he’s her secret admirer but she hasn’t got the guts to ask him outright and gives up, leaving Kevin mystified. Back at The Mill, Jas checks her social networking site for some photos from a recent wedding and she’s stunned to see that someone has changed her profile from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ and there are pictures of her and Kevin looking very cosy at the wedding. 

Jas charges into Kevin’s room to confront him but he’s totally confused. He doesn’t use Mates Reconnected, didn’t leave a poem on her windscreen – and doesn’t fancy her! Mortified, Jas runs out. Kevin goes after her to explain he doesn’t think she’s a minger, it would just feel like incest! Kevin tries to help Jas find a rational explanation and leaves her feeling a little more reassured.

And Al learns a valuable lesson when he unwittingly shatters the illusions of a grieving widow.