Has Heston found closure?

Heston phones Audrey and demands to see Curtis again and sitting opposite Curtis, Heston gets it all of off his chest. He reveals it’s not the materialistic things Curtis stole and destroyed that matter so much, it is the fact he hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since; Curtis has stolen his peace of mind. He adds that Curtis has played this process like a master, if only he put his brains to better use he might not be where he is now. A load is lifted. Curtis apologises again but Heston doesn’t need that anymore. That night, Heston sleeps soundly.

Meanwhile, Cherry arrives at work and apologises to Jimmi for storming out on him last night; that’s not how a marriage works. Jimmi admits he is hard to live with and offers to try harder. That evening, Jimmi and Cherry break out of their normal boring routine and jump into bed before dinner – but later as they lie back-to-back wide awake, it is clear all is not well.

Also, when the boyfriend of a rape victim starts to doubt his girlfriend’s story, Rob not only has to reassure him but also consider if the boyfriend’s as innocent as he claims…