Has Heston found himself a family?

Buoyed by the progress he’s finally making with Shak and Alia, Heston suggests they also cook dinner together before Ruhma gets home. After a lovely evening, the kids go off to bed happier and Ruhma thanks Heston for all the effort he has gone to. 

Jimmi eagerly awaits delivery of the calendar proof from the printers but Niamh reckons she looks nothing like Adele. Later, he loses his cool when he hears Niamh and some of the others questioning his lighting choices. As Jimmi storms off, Ruhma secretly pockets a picture of Heston.

Mrs Tembe is mentally preparing herself for her interview tomorrow and is touched when Jimmi suggests she’d be a brilliant Practice Manager. But when Mrs Tembe discovers it’s Valerie’s first chemo session tomorrow, she invites her to dinner. Once she has gone, Mrs Tembe sits down to finally do some interview prep but it’s late and she’s too tired to think now.

Also, Karen is troubled by the unhealthy interest a gardener has in a young female student.