Has Heston outstayed his welcome?

Howard wakes to see Heston climb into bed with him and makes a swift exit. Unaware of Howard’s discomfort, during the day Heston unintentionally increases the tension with inadvertent sexual innuendo. At home, Howard barricades his door at night but Heston still attempts to get in.

A grief-ridden Faye Brannon faints with rage when a new, Elvis-inspired headstone appears next to her beloved husband’s grave, Later, she opens a letter from him that tells her to find someone new and refrain from visiting his grave until she has. When Faye arrives for an appointment, Daniel suggests that she listen to the letter because grief can become a cycle of self-pity. She takes Daniel’s advice to heart and tries to move on.

Also, Kevin is shocked when Poppy appears at The Mill. She turned 16 today and assumes they can pick up where they left off. Kevin reinforces that they cannot be together. Later in the evening, Poppy sends Kevin a text proclaiming her undying love and her mother becomes suspicious.