Has Heston reached breaking point?

Heston tries to apologise to Kevin, but he’s still too disgusted to entertain it. Heston almost opens up to Mrs Tembe, but the phone interrupts them. At home, Marina is happily preparing dinner, but storms off when Heston criticises her choice of wine.

Heston stumbles out of his front door holding his arm, clearly in pain. With a squeal of tyres he drives away. As he pulls up on the roadside and tries to tend to the cut on his arm, he breaks down sobbing in anguish.

Akono surprises Jack with some cinema tickets as a way of an apology for his drunken behaviour and is delighted when Jack agrees to go. But when a forlorn Akono turns up at The Mill on the pretext of walking Mrs Tembe home, she gets him to admit that Jack has cancelled on him and agrees to go with him instead.

As they settle down with their popcorn and drinks, they get a shock when the film turns out to be an erotic thriller. Despite this, they stay until the end, but Akono feels bad. However, they’re soon laughing about it and Mrs Tembe confesses she’s not been to the cinema in all the time she’s been in England.

Also, will Rob trust Kevin’s instincts that something is wrong as Paul’s plans fall apart and Connie’s life hangs in the balance?