So Holly’s in huge debt to her drug dealer, Dean, and she reckons she’s got Charity on board with a plan to pay him off. Having told Charity she can split up Moira and Cain, for a price, Holly is relieved as she and Charity roll out the scam. But should she trust jailbird Charity?

In the pub, the fire alarm sounds and Charity ushers out the punters leaving Holly to sneak down to the cellar. But Moira’s waiting there, who reels as Charity reveals Holly’s offer to ruin her mum’s marriage and learns the extent of her daughter’s drug debts!

Worried that Ashley has lost his faith since being diagnosed with dementia, Laurel asks Harriet to talk to him, vicar to vicar. At the Easter egg hunt, Ashley laps up time spent with his son Arthur and comes to a decision about his limited future – he’s going to retire.

David worries when he hears his dad is constantly nipping off for a pee. Urging Pollard to get checked out, David’s advice is met with anger. Marlon tries to get his head around Leo’s impending exit.