Holly has done a runner from her drug counselling and Hannah is in desperate need of comforting after her disastrous sexual encounter with Isaac. But John and Moira have no time to react to either family crisis before they’re faced with a much bigger one: Holly’s got high on heroin and is crashed out on her bed. Farmer John’s bottom lip is at full thrust again as he realises that Holly is incapable of giving up drugs. But has she taken one hit too many?

Jimmy’s ready to hit Carl. Yes, Carl’s big fat lie about his phone for sexting dirty flirty Eve belonging to Jimmy explodes when Charity and Nicola have one of their cat fights and Charity shoots off her mouth about Jimmy’s other woman (who’s really Carl’s other woman, Eve). Now Jimmy’s in the doghouse and Carl’s begging him to let Nicola bark up the wrong tree…

Isaac’s got women troubles, too. He’s worried about that condom malfunction but Hannah tells him he doesn’t have to, she’s taken care of it. It’s hard acting grown-up, though, and Hannah breaks down and confides in Diane, who tells her to talk to her mum (that’d be Moira, who has eyes only for Holly).

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