Has Howard blown it?

Kevin’s been doing some cardiology training in anticipation of the (hoped for) arrival of the echocardiogram, but gives Howard the disappointing news that St Phil’s cardiology department has had its budgets cut and is offering reduced rate echocardiograms, undercutting the surgery. Zara thinks they should soften up the CCG with a glowing picture of personal care that a small organisation can offer, then hit them with a proper pitch in the new financial year. Howard likes her strategy, but prepares to go in all guns blazing.

That afternoon, Howard presents a cold, factual presentation to the panel, who aren’t impressed, and Howard knows he’s blown it. At the last minute, Howard turns back and gives an impassioned speech about the flexibility and personal care that the surgery could offer. By being light on their feet, free of the ties of hospital politics and bureaucracy, they’ll not just be offering a service, they’ll be saving lives. The panel are impressed and Howard and Kevin celebrate their success.

Meanwhile, when Mrs Tembe shows an interest in Heston’s passion for astronomy, Heston takes Mrs Tembe to the planetarium but the overwhelming statistics about the scale of space, coupled with her feelings about herself and her church cause her to have a funny turn. Heston takes her to the café , where she opens up about her feelings post-Gordon to someone who offers an understanding ear.

Heston is certain she’s not a bad person because of her actions in the past and hearing this from him really does make her feel better. Heston suggests that they get away to the countryside for a break and Mrs Tembe readily agrees. 

And Mandy’s sympathies for a down-on-his-luck elderly patient are put to the test when she discovers a disturbing secret from his past.