Daniel confides in Heston about Gary Lucas, who’s invited him and Zara to jump ship to his new polyclinic. Daniel reckons Gary is a serious threat and they need to do something and he’s noted some sort of history between Howard and Gary. Heston suggests he keep talking to Gary to find out more, before finding out from Emma that Gary’s just invited her for lunch to discuss opportunities. Heston tells her to go along.

Meanwhile, Howard’s on shift as a special constable when Rob sends him out to investigate some vandalised cars near the Icon Bar. When he gets there, Howard’s hurt to find Emma having lunch with Gary. Emma says she’s only there to spy but Gary then insults Howard, who snaps and hits him. Howard leaves as Emma tries to stop Gary from pressing charges – a bar brawl with a competitor won’t be good for his image either. 

Howard sits in his car gorging on chocolate then, when Rob mentions the Icon’s CCTV may help catch the vandal, Howard runs for the toilets and continues to gorge. As Rob enters the men’s toilets, he spots chocolate wrappers on the floor of a cubicle and hears vomiting coming from within. Rob guesses it’s Howard and offers to listen should he want to talk – but Howard insists it’s nothing before dashing out.

When Kevin tells Jas his night of passion was ruined by a randy Heston and Gloria, Jas informs Kevin she’s arranged a night at Mandy’s, so he has the place to himself, so Kevin invites Sigourney for dinner. That evening, Jas lets Sigourney in as she leaves for Mandy’s, saying Kevin will be home soon. However, Kevin’s locked in the Campus and when Sigourney gets fed up waiting and heads home, he’s gutted to have missed his chance again.