Has Ian got to Lucy in time?

Max drives a tipsy Ian to Craig’s house terrified about what will happen to Lucy, knowing Craig has a packet of condoms. Meanwhile, Craig is coming on strong and encourages Lucy to have a drink. Lucy thought they were going out but it’s apparent Craig has other things on his mind. She tries to reason with him, but he takes her to his bedroom. Max and Ian pull up at the house and take Lucy away.

Patrick tells Yolande that he wants to go back to Trinidad because it’s a lot safer than Walford. She tries to talk some sense into him and suggests that he should perhaps seek professional help.

Dot discusses wedding plans with Bradley who really wants to give Stacey her dream wedding. However, he’s unsure how they will manage to afford it before 2012.

After Ian’s words about looking after your kids, Max, to their amazement, offers to pay for Stacey and Bradley’s entire wedding.

Carly is pleased that Sean is behind bars, but quizzes Deano about how convenient it was that he and Chelsea were so close when the attack took place. Carly becomes aggressive and Patrick intervenes.

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