Josh becomes increasingly frustrated when India fails to respond to his text messages. Later, he clashes with Ste and Ravi in Relish, however, Anita surprises him and an unlikely ally is forged. When Lauren appears, Ravi has no other option than to kick Josh out. Seeking refuge in the SU bar, Josh comes face to face with Dave who persuades him to go up to halls.

Rhys heads out to search for his brother and runs into India. Although wracked with guilt, he accepts her offer of lunch. As they grow closer, talk turns to Josh and the crash. India confesses how difficult she’s finding it to deal with the crash. It all comes to a head when Josh walks in and sees Rhys and India about to kiss. Josh is appalled to see his brother and India so close and launches himself at Rhys.

Also; Lauren and Gaz’s snogging fest is interrupted when Leo intervenes. Gaz tells Leo he has photographic evidence on his phone of the bruises he gave him and he’s not scared to show the school. At his wits’ end, Leo seeks out Calvin and confesses his fears about Lauren and Gaz’s threat. However, catching up with Gaz, Calvin infuriates Lauren when he seizes his phone and smashes it.

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