Has Izzy given up the fight for ‘Joe’?(VIDEO)

Tina’s in turmoil over Tommy’s words, but when Izzy arrives at the hospital telling Tina she’s won, she won’t fight her any more and has given up, Tina is thrown. As Izzy says a heart-breaking goodbye to her son a distraught Gary is forced to accept her decision and leaves. Conflicted, Tina loves her son too much to let him go.

Using the spare key he pocketed David enters Nick’s flat, placing Peter’s lighter on the sofa. Back at the bistro, he then sets about planting the seed that maybe Peter’s still sniffing around Leanne and Gail picks up on this.

Tim struggles to mask his irritation as Faye complains about her tea. It’s clear neither of them is really happy with their situation.

Also, Roy’s short temper worries Hayley and Sylvia.