Jack panics, thinking he’s killed Phil, and leaves a worried message on Max’s phone. Fleeing the scene, he heads to the car lot. Before he can tell Max what has happened, they’re interrupted by Tanya, Lauren and Abi, so Jack heads home. Max finds Jack packing a bag. When Jack explains what’s happened, Max tries to stop him running.

Max tries to convince Jack to go and check on Phil, but a terrified Jack goes to the Vic where the family are gathered to remember Derek’s birthday. Jack is soon drunk and has a go at Sharon for pushing him too far with Phil, ending their relationship. Meanwhile, at the Arches, Phil stirs, pulling himself out of the pit. Jack’s stunned when a disorientated Phil staggers into the Vic and accuses Jack of assaulting him.

Michael realises he needs to come clean to Alice about his money situation. He reveals he’s broke, apologising for paying her with a dodgy note. Feeling guilty, Michael tries to give Alice the watch Janine bought him as payment. Alice won’t accept the watch and says she’ll have an IOU instead.

Also, Tanya agrees to go to Derek’s birthday drinks to prove to Kirsty she’s not bothered about her.