Has Jade ruined her big chance?

Jade learns that a lawyer called Charlotte is turning up at her Singles Boot Camp who has clients that may be interested in franchising her business concept. However, when Charlotte arrives and suffers an accidental punch in the face, Jade thinks she’s blown her big chance and worries that the lawyer is about to sue her. But Charlotte has good news – she thinks her clients would be interested and wants Jade to head down to Sydney to meet them.

Kate is gearing up to tell Kyle how she feels about him at their picnic date, though Sophie works out what’s going through her mind and urges her not to do anything that would hurt Jade. Ultimately, she decides to go through with her plan, but when she meets Kyle at the picnic site, he apologises and announces that he has to leave – he’s going to join Jade on her business trip to Sydney.

A homeless Tash turns up on Karl and Summer’s doorstep asking for a place to stay and both agree she needs their help. But Tash soon infuriates first Summer, then Karl, who finally snaps. Tash admits she’s hard to live with and Karl feels sorry for her, insisting she’s welcome to stay and helping her say goodbye to her family home.