Getting together for a share-house Christmas lunch, Rhys, Jade, Dane and Kyle reconnect as housemates. But when Kyle gives Jade a handmade photo frame with a picture of them inside it, her feelings for him are once again piqued. Although Jade does her best to deny them, she struggles and when she’s inadvertently pushed to take a chance by Sonya, decides to tell Kyle how she really feels. However, before she gets a chance to, Kyle learns of Jade’s affair with Malcolm.

Chris is surprised when Blake tries to apologise for his father’s behaviour. Sympathetic, Chris accepts and they end up having a beer at Charlie’s. Tash suspects Blake’s gay but Chris doesn’t agree. However when Warren sees Chris with his son, he warns him to stay away – or else. Seeking Chris out, Blake apologises again for his father but Chris thinks it’s best for everyone’s sake that they’re not mates. But with someone watching the garage, is it already too late for Chris?

Toadie’s disappointed when Sonya returns with her perfect Christmas tree: a sapling that will grow over the years. Hatching a plan with Callum, Toadie feigns sadness that he won’t be able to decorate the tree this year, forcing reluctant Sonya to eventually give in and buy a slightly bigger one.