*Hour episode*

Jai’s looking for Rachel and Archie and the mysterious Mark has convinced Jai that – for thousands of pounds, naturally – he can take him to Rachel’s door. They park up on a rundown estate, which is where Mark says Rachel has been living. But what neither of them realises is that they’ve been followed by Charity and Declan. Jai can’t wait to see his son, but Mark convinces him to stay in his car because, he says, Rachel’s living with a nasty piece of work. Talking of nasty… Charity’s running around the estate, trying to find Rachel – but she finds Mark, instead.

Jai has a lot on his mind and finds a sympathetic soul in Megan… and they end up kissing. Declan won’t like that – and neither will Charity. Those two are quite happy messing up Jai’s life but they won’t want him getting close to their shady business. And he could do that if he gets close to Megan.


Leyla’s close to Priya now – but Priya won’t like her telling Alicia about her eating disorder. And Alicia doesn’t like Leyla asking her to keep Priya’s problem a secret from David. She might mind less, though, when David forgets her birthday…