Jai is a desperate man… He has no idea where Rachel and Archie are. But Jai thinks he has every right to have custody of Archie and is determined to get his boy back. He’s put an advert in newspapers, asking if anyone has seen Rachel and Archie – and he gets a response. A bloke called Mark says he has some information and Jai calls him into his office. Rishi is suspicious but Jai is hopeful.

The doctor gives Val hope when she goes to talk about being HIV positive. But Val is terrified and still angry with Eric for sleeping with Diane, even though he is at her side at the clinic. The doctor tells them Val will need a strong support network so they have to sort out their problems. Val’s not keen but Eric drags her to see Diane. Val’s not the sort to forgive and forget easily, though.

Kerry’s trying play peacemaker, too… Her mission is to reunite Brenda and Bob. Dan warns her not to interfere but that’s like expecting a dog to walk straight past a lamppost. Not going to happen. And it turns out Kerry’s plan this time is one that works.