Rakesh has got dirt on Jai after finding him with his secret lover Leyla, so when Priya is upset that Jai is refusing to attend their engagement ceremony, he uses underhand tactics to make sure her brother is there… And when the time comes for the big event, Jai turns up and it looks like the two rivals are friends again!

Diane and Katie are concerned by Andy’s behaviour as he becomes increasingly frustrated and angry. As he waits for his appointment at the hospital, Andy gets chatting to a bloke who he realises has been beating up his wife, who’s frightened and bruised. The experience leaves Andy shaken especially as he’s haunted by memories of subjecting his ex, Jo, to domestic abuse. On his return, Andy’s in a foul mood and it’s not long before he lashes out, but this time it’s his daughter Sarah who feels the full force of his anger…

Meanwhile, David feels left out when he realises he hasn’t been invited to Rakesh and Priya’s engagement do, and Katie helps Vanessa move in to her place.