Jake speeds off in the car, with a terrified Lauren next to him. As they argue, a distracted Jake ploughs into Kat’s buggy. Horrified that it’s history repeating itself, Jake flees the scene. Finding Jake at the police station, Lauren breaks the news that no one has been hurt, as Tommy wasn’t in the buggy. Taking Jake home, Lauren suggests that they’re bad for each other, encouraging Jake to be there for his daughter, instead.

Kat was carrying the meat in the buggy and has to pick it up off the floor after Jake runs into it. Delivering it to Shirley, Kat keeps quiet about the incident. When Johnny helps Shirley make pies with Kat’s meat, he’s horrified to find a dog’s name tag mixed in with it! Shirley is worried when Kat refuses to give her a refund.

Nancy realises Mick and Linda are attempting to kill her relationship with Wayne with kindness, by lavishing a freaked out Wayne with attention. Linda is triumphant that she’s finally got the evidence she needs on Wayne after discovering he’s been showing his mates saucy pics of Nancy. A furious Nancy dumps Wayne, flashing a nude photo of Wayne around the pub in revenge.