Has Janine put Whitney in danger?

Ricky is horrified that Janine didn’t tell them Whitney was missing. Ricky panics when he calls Ryan and learns he hasn’t seen Whitney for weeks. A desperate search ensues to find a clue to Whitney’s whereabouts. Tiff discovers a diary entry about Rob with the address of his club. Lauren and Janine head to the club, but they get separated. Lauren sees Whitney outside a pub and calls out to her, but Whitney walks away.

Carol visits Connor to find out if he’s seen Whitney. Carol realises that her fling with Connor was a fantasy to avoid dealing with her grief over Billie. Connor moves in for a kiss and Carol slaps him away. Connor is stung when Carol says she doesn’t want him and never did. Carol returns to the Square and takes Billie’s ashes to scatter in the park – she’s ready to say goodbye.

Abi gets ready for her date with Jay. Her straighteners are broken, but Fatboy manages to fix them. Abi and Jay are shy when they meet for their date, but they’re soon having a great time. Abi is thrilled when Jay suggests they meet up again and gives her a goodbye kiss on the cheek.