Patrick has confiscated Holly’s phone at school but when he leaves it at home, Jason decides to break in to his head teacher’s flat and steal it back. He finds Patrick’s secret box and forces it open with a screwdriver but Maxine disturbs him when she comes home. He grabs Holly’s phone and runs out, knocking Patrick’s box over. Maxine notices a photo of a little girl, Sophie. She pockets the photo and replaces the box before Patrick walks in.

Darren is alarmed when Nancy tells him Sienna has escaped. They get the children in the car but when they reach the folly, Nancy has another surprise for Darren. Nancy’s on the back foot as Darren fails to give in to her demands. She has a change of heart and can’t believe what she was prepared to do. Charlie gives the couple a helping hand by playing their wedding song in the car. Nancy tells Darren they can’t be together anymore and Darren agrees. Frankie tries to console Jack, but it looks like there’s no going back for this couple either.

Ruby is crestfallen when Ziggy doesn’t show up to walk her to school and when she sees him drive past with an older lady, she fears the worst. She rails at her boyfriend and the woman he’s with for cheating on her again, only for Ziggy to reveal he’s in the middle of his driving test!