During a mediation meeting, Drew refuses to accept Jazz’s apology for trying to swindle him out of his grandmother Mary’s inheritance. Morag is taken aback when Jazz’s solicitor argues the cash should go to Jazz and introduces the director of the nursing home where Mary spent her last year.

The director reveals Mary was suffering dementia when she made the will. To Drew’s astonishment, and Morag’s suspicion, the mediator agrees that this strengthens Jazz’s case to contest the will in court. Morag advises Drew not to fight the case and it seems Jazz has won. But when Morag later sees Jazz and the nursing home director getting intimate together, she suspects Jazz has pulled off an elaborate trick.

After reluctantly agreeing to take Tam into her house, Rachel quickly learns that taking care of her isn’t going to be easy. Still angry at Sally’s treatment of Brad at the wedding, Rachel is reluctant to accept Sally’s offer to help with Tam. But when work pressures mount up, Rachel feels she has no choice and agrees that Tam can stay at Sally’s house for a while.

However, Brad is furious when he learns of the arrangement and tells a gutted Sally there’s no way Tam is staying with her – it’s a family problem.