John is still struggling with Jett’s absence and worried that if DOCS gets wind of him running away, they might take Jett away from him. Spencer discovers Jett and Nina hiding in the shed and convinces them to come back. After John drives Nina back to her parents, Jett tries to apologise but John tells Jett that DOCS could take him away and Jett is gutted.

Sasha is upset after seeing Spencer and Evelyn hugging and thinks she has lost him. Later, Sacha’s thrown when Chris encourages her to speak to Spencer, and the couple decide to give their relationship another go. Sasha also tells Spencer that it was Chris that convinced her to speak to him. Spencer shows up at Irene’s ready to move in and thanks Chris.

When Casey visits Brax in prison, he admits that he can’t get back what he used to have with Tamara. Casey and Tamara finally talk through their issues and realise that things shouldn’t be this hard and they mutually break up. Seeing them hug, April and Dex think they’re perfect to be their Best Man and Maid of Honour not knowing that they’ve just broken up.

Also, Dex is trying hard to get April involved in the wedding planning but she doesn’t seem as bothered as he does.