Howard and Rob are working a police shift on the rough Churchill Estate. Their day starts badly when they have to haul in one man, Jack, for being drunk and disorderly while being pestered by local community organiser Selma, who’s complaining about police profiling. Rob asks Jimmi to look over Jack, but Jimmi – struggling with his OCD –  is unable to touch the dirtied prisoner without gloves, so rushes a cursory examination. 

Meanwhile, Howard is observing a speech being made by Selma when he spots some journalists swapping a video on their phones. Howard rushes to show Rob the video of a balaclava-wearing figure with their voice distorted inciting violence in Letherbridge, demanding that people fight back against the police brutality. The view count is multiplying and reports are coming in of muggings and car vandalism on the Churchill streets.

Later, Rob races to the cells where Jimmi’s trying to revive Jack – he’d failed to spot Jack had overdosed on drugs. As Jack’s rushed to hospital, it’s rumoured he’s the victim of police brutality. Rob and Howard head to the community centre, which is overrun with protestors, so they barricade themselves inside with Selma, teen Sophie and elderly Miriam. By now, rumours are rife that Jack’s died – and that Howard and Rob are responsible!

As Rob goes to arrest Sophie for making the video, she flashes the keys to the police car that he’d dropped, then dashes outside into the riot, with Rob charging after her. When Rob catches up with Sophie, he finds himself surrounded by an angry gang who think he’s commiting brutality. Later, having got Miriam to safety, Howard heads back out into the streets and finds Rob, who’s been stabbed and is lying bleeding out in the road…