Has Jimmy won over Nicola?

Nicola tries to upstage Katie by suggesting that she dresses down for the business event, but Katie is wise to Nicola’s games and meets her in The Woolpack looking stunning. Jimmy is jealous as Nicola and Katie set off for the event. After they’ve left, Sandy and Doug tell Jimmy that Nicola invented her new man. A delighted Jimmy realises it might be his last chance to make something happen between them and sets off to confront Nicola.

Jimmy arrives in the nick of time to rescue Nicola from a sleazy businessman at the networking event and romantically picks her up and carries her out of the party in his arms. It seems that Jimmy has finally won round Nicola, but when his truck breaks down and leaves them stranded Nicola is furious and ditches him!

Mark realises that the family need to integrate into village life and he tells Natasha that they need to help Will make some more friends. Natasha invites Belle around to play with Will when he reveals that he doesn’t think the boys at school are interested in being friends with him. Lisa and Belle accept a grudging apology from Natasha who swallows her pride and arranges a sleepover the next day.

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