At Niall’s, John Paul drinks the spiked beer, unaware that Craig’s deadline to meet him is ticking away. But Niall is in for a shock when he discovers that following an accident, John Paul swapped the beers, and Niall has actually been drinking the poisoned beer. John Paul is rushed out by Niall and is given food for thought when Myra advises him to not let love slip away for a second time.

Later, Myra is stunned to find John Paul and his passport gone. At The Dog, John Paul turns up just in time to learn that Craig left half an hour ago. He races after Craig, and reaches the platform, only to see the train pull away. But he’s thrilled when he catches sight of Craig and the pair finally get together.

Following Craig’s departure, Steph lays into Frankie for lying to Craig about Jack’s death. Distraught, Steph tries to find Niall, but is stunned to find him unconscious on the floor and fears that he has tried to kill himself.

While Amy deals with her dad’s concerns over her attachment to Ste, Michaela puts up with Zoe’s suspicions that she has a crush on her. While Mike assures Amy he’ll stand by her, Michaela takes drastic action against Zoe…

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