Has John pushed Jett further away?

John Palmer is the world’s worst hospital patient, and delights in making the staff’s life hell. However, Alf reminds Marilyn that Jett may be uncomfortable in the hospital because of Gina’s passing.

John calls Jett and is dismayed by the distant responses he receives. He tries to discharge himself but is stopped by Sid and Dex. Jett visits and is angry that John failed to look after himself and instead he put himself at risk. Angry, Jett runs away.

Spencer tells Dex that that he doesn’t want to hurt Maddy or ruin his friendship with Sasha. Indi agrees to hire Spencer for the gym, asking Sasha to deliver the news. Elated, Spencer hugs Sasha and she realises he does have feelings for her. Spencer asks Indi for advice on Sasha, and she tells him to be honest. Despite their feelings, Sasha and Spencer agree to be just friends and Sasha angrily tells Indi to butt out of her love life.

Meanwhile, Dex is still avoiding his uni results. Sid leaves Dex in charge of John’s care. First mission “Sponge Bath”. Dex finally checks his results and is despondent about only passing. He feels that he may not ever regain his prior intellect.