Has Josh jeopardised his career?

Ruby lands Josh a major new sponsorship and they give him a new car but Amber suspects fame is going to Josh’s head. Her fears are confirmed when Josh skips another training session to attend a PR bash. Neither Brad nor Amber are able to get through to Josh and, when he refuses to take responsibility for his poor performance in the pool, Brad’s patience runs out. He fires Josh, leaving him without a coach the week before selection trials for the Commonwealth Games.

Unaware of Georgia’s secret pregnancy, Kate and Kyle take tentative steps toward rekindling their friendship and find excuses to hang out together. Kyle invites Kate to watch a DVD with him, which turns into a relaxed chat and an innocent overnight stay on the couch. Georgia sees Kate leave the share house the next morning and her heart sinks as she assumes Kate and Kyle have hooked up.

Sonya learns Jacob is unemployed and hires him to install a juice bar at the nursery. While Toadie isn’t pleased at having Jacob back in their lives, he can’t find a reasonable objection.

The work goes ahead and Josie notices Jacob seems to have a crush on Sonya. Callum counters her theory vehemently, sparking the couple’s first big fight.