Has Karen made a fatal mistake?

On his 21st birthday, a homeless youth called Owen searches for the meaning of life. At the Mill, Karen gives him a box of syringes and insulin as he’s running low. After tricking a pizza place to get free food his day progressively goes from bad to worse and he uses the insulin to give himself an overdose.

Elsewhere, Karen convinces Rob they need a new sofa for the house. Rob protests, but ultimately gives in. But later, having encountered Owen, Karen admits there’s nothing wrong with the sofa, but Rob now wants to throw it out. They give it to the homeless shelter.

Meanwhile, Rose, a contract cleaner at The Mill is late for her first day and is in Mrs Tembe’s bad books. Later, Rose isn’t paid by her employer and resorts to desperate measures. She returns to The Mill to look for her cleaners’ hat, finds it, but then pretends to continue the search and steals from the drugs cupboard.

Rose accidentally drops a rubber glove by the cupboard and Mrs Tembe finds it. Confronted by Mrs Tembe, Rose tries to run away, but Kevin stops her. She admits she’s an illegal immigrant and Mrs Tembe says she’ll have to tell that to police.