As the series draws to a close, an inspection gives staff the chance to prevent the school’s closure, but will everyone’s efforts be undermined by Chris’s commitment to student Scout?

Scout’s irresponsible mother is still nowhere to be found and, desperate to avoid being taken into care, the youngster runs away with baby brother Liam. When Chris finds out, he defies Karen and rushes off to find the pair – all while chief school inspector Alison looks on.

Also getting wind of the fact that Chris let Scout and Liam stay at his place, a shocked Alison tells Karen that the future for her and her deputy now looks bleak. Needless to say, Richard Whitman is quick to pass judgment and, by suspending Karen, he puts Waterloo Road directly under local-authority control.

Word spreads like wildfire around the school and, as Karen prepares to leave the premises, students and staff alike take to the roof in support of her. Eleanor is the unlikely hero of the hour, publicly showing Richard up for the crooked operator he is. Partially won over by what she’s seen, Alison tells Karen she’ll be recommending that the school stay open, but can’t guarantee Karen’s future as head.

Meanwhile, Rob hears that he’s passed his teaching course, and Vicki tells Aiden about her miscarriage, which spurs him on to support Jess and promise to be part of their baby’s life.