Has Karen ruined her chances to foster?

The new self-service machine in reception continues to cause problems for a stressed Karen and, knowing that she has an appointment with a social worker later, she panics when Rob says he will be late. When the social worker, Gina, brings up the subject of Karen’s memory, Karen panics, even though Gina assures her that the medical is merely a formality. But Karen breaks down and runs upstairs, certain she’s ruined things and won’t be allowed to foster. Rob tries to reassure her, but has no answer when she claims that her memory issues will affect their chances.

Emma is visited by Paul, who’s still struggling with giving up smoking now that baby Nicholas has arrived. He just wants to talk, and Emma tries to reassure him that it’s a normal feeling. Paul is paranoid that his visit today will get to social services and Emma has to persuade him this is not the case.

Also, Ayesha deals with a student who is feeling peer pressure when it comes to her eating.