Has Karl got a partner in crime?

Karl thinks his grand plan is over before it begun when Julia catches him hunting for evidence in somebody else’s office. But he’s surprised when she offers to help him take Vivex Pharma down. Thinking he has just found the perfect ally to bring the dodgy drug company to justice, Karl has no idea that Julia has actually been hired by Vivex Pharma to set Karl up to be their fall guy.

While dealing with Frazer’s sudden urge to start a family, Rosie is offered the career opportunity of a lifetime – a partnership at the law firm. Aware that accepting the offer would bring Toadie’s career crashing down, Rosie is initially unwilling to stab Toadie in the back. But when Rosie mistakenly concludes that Toadie has broken the law, she has no qualms about putting her own interests first.

Following advice from Susan, Miranda pleads with Bridget to find out where Riley is. Bridget doesn’t want to betray her brother’s confidence, but when she sees how worried Miranda is, she realises she has no choice.

Also, after realising Ramsay Street is the best place for him to be, Ringo returns home to make things up to Carmella.